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Overloaded extension lead causes fire


Another report of a house fire highlights the dangers of overloading of electrical extension leads.

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Fire risk warning over cheap phone chargers


The national media has again highlighted the electrical safety and fire dangers associated with the online purchase of cheap phone chargers.

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HSE advice for school safety


In a series of web pages the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has provided details of how it believes a sensible approach to health and safety in schools should be maintained by focusing on how the real risks are managed.

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HSE Risk Assessment Advice Updated


With the importance of risk assessment now being emphasised in determining inspection and test intervals for portable appliances, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has updated its brief guide to controlling safety risks in the workplace.

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HAE 13A plug inspection guide

As part of its series of SafeHire Technical Bulletins, the Hire Association Europe has published a new document on 13 Amp plug inspection.

The HAE reports that, during SafeHire audits a range of issues have been identified regarding inspection of 13 amp plugs used on 240v equipment.

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