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Trading Standards Issues Fake Charger Warning


Trading Standards officers have issued a warning about the dangers caused by fake chargers for mobile phones, tablets and electronic cigarettes and the associated risks of fire hazard and electric shock.

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House fires prompt electrical equipment warning

Fire and Rescue services have again urged residents to check electrical equipment and their smoke alarms after damaging fires caused by electrical faults.

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Warning over sub-standard cables


As part of its continuing campaign the Approved Cables Initiative (ACI) has produced a new poster to highlight the issue of sub-standard cable to the cable supply industry and wider public.

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iPhone adapter warning

In another example of the potential electrical safety risks that can be associated with phone chargers, Apple has recalled adapter plugs sold with older iPhones amid concerns they might overheat.

Although the UK is thought to be unaffected by the recall notice, "In rare cases," Apple warns, the 5W European USB power adapter "may overheat and pose a safety risk."

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Electrical Safety First is launched


Electrical Safety First is the new name of the UK's only charity focusing on electrical safety.

Formerly known as the Electrical Safety Council or ESC, the organisation's rebrand follows 18 months of extensive research and consultation, to determine how the public, industry, government and other stakeholders, viewed the organisation.

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