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Any appliance that is not part of a ‘fixed’ installation but needs to be connected to a ‘fixed’ installation is deemed portable. In other words, anything that needs a plug, cable, and socket to operate. What falls into the plug/cable/socket category? Here are a few items for guidance: – a TV, refrigerator (all white goods), PC, kettle, microwave, toasters, electrical tools, stereo equipment, radios, Laptops, electric fans, portable AC units through to portable garden equipment, the list is quite comprehensive and not restricted to the list above.

The earth continuity test allows for verification of the connectivity between any exposed metal parts and the protective earth pin in the mains plug of a class 1 appliance. This involves connecting the item of electrical equipment to the PAT tester, and the test probe to exposed metal parts. A current is then transferred from the PAT tester along a mains cord to the enclosure. This current then flows back to the PAT tester via the protective earth conductor. This will result in the display of the protective earth path resistance.
Portable Appliance Tests
A Fuse of the correct Rating for the Appliance to work safely is checked and the cable if any is also visually checked
Fuse Requirement & Replacement
The PAT testing of IT equipment is conducted much the same as standard appliances but care must taken not to use excessive bond test current or use a 500 V insulation test. IT equipment generally uses the thin internal printed circuit board to provide interconnecting earth points so a bond current of 10 amps or more would burn out these tracks. In addition IT equipment mains supply inputs have suppression components that would be destroyed with an insulation test in excess of 250 V. Generally a continuity test current of 100 or 200 mA is considered the maximum and an insulation test 100 or 250 V is recommended.
IT Equipment Testing
Battery Operated Tools? Battery-operated equipment and cordless equipment (for example, power tools) do not need PAT testing, as they are not powered by mains electricity. However, any battery chargers that power the equipment would need testing as these plug into the wall and charge the equipment.
Power Tools Checking & Testing

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Fast, efficient, and always with the highest quality service,depend on us to Test your Portable Equipment any time of the day, any time of the year.

Visual Inspection
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Tighten electrical connections
All types of portable appliances tested
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Emergency safety testing
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Visual and Electical Testing
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Fast, efficient, and always with the highest quality service, depend on us to Test your portable Appliances any time of the day, any time of the year.

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Thank you to CPATS for being so helpful with all our PAT testing , they came to our office out of hours so not to disrupt our working day , we have booked them in for our next test and would recommend them for your PAT testing service

20 April 2022

Hi Simon, Thank you very much for the certificate much appreciated and also thank you very much for the advice you gave me. If I ever win the Lottery you will be remembered. Best Regards John... John 14 October 2014

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